Community at the forefront

Bridging Indigenous People to Global Opportunities

Filipino farmers, despite being vital contributors to the global food supply, are submitted to a cycle of poverty. Farmers face many challenges such as saturated markets and inefficient supply chains. Hijo Superfoods strives to break this cycle and provide them with opportunities by creating higher value products.


Our mission is to improve the lives of farmers by creating business opportunities that do not make them depend on volatile world markets. De-commoditization is a means to highlight the uniqueness of our agricultural products through a business model that ultimately serves sustainable solutions for the Filipino farmers and the environment.

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Revolutionizing agriculture

We are transforming agriculture by marrying tradition and modern farming processes. We work closely with our farmers to educate them on the latest trends, technologies, and processes to fulfill products at the highest quality. Hijo Superfoods products are created in a state-of-the-art, PEZA-registered facility with fully-automated lines and patented equipment that does not compromise the rawness of our harvested fruits.

Nurturing the source

Our products can only be as good as the source. At Hijo Superfoods, we work only by preserving and nurturing the environment of where our company was built. Our most essential assets - the flourishing resources of Mindanao including the people are what our products aim to represent at a global level.