Community at the Forefront

We strive to uplift farming communities by valuing their crops, craft, and contributions to society. 

Our Mission

Turning the ordinary into super extraordinary, 
where every spoonful is filled with purpose
as we 
nourish plate and planet


At Hijo Superfoods, we’re on a mission to reduce food waste and uplift farming communities in the Philippines. Our food system that cares for both people and planet transforms excess bananas into nutritious products, providing economic opportunity while combating waste.

Through our community development program, we partner directly with local banana farmers. We provide training and access to new markets, helping hardworking families escape the cycle of poverty. By collaborating across the supply chain, we’re cultivating prosperity for all. Our products showcase the boundless potential of the humble banana to nourish communities and spread goodness. At Hijo Superfoods, we work in unison to build a sustainable food system that cared for both people and planet.




kilograms of green bananas upcycled from farms in Mindanao.


At our core, we hope to uplift the lives of Filipino farmers. By ensuring fair trade and creating business opportunities that liberate them from volatile global markets. We hope to foster a sense of ownership and pride among farmers, empowering them to recognize their pivotal role in food security. By championing sustainable agriculture and advocating for community resilience, we are not just improving livelihoods; we are nurturing a generation of farmers as well as providing consumers with nutritious food choices. De-commoditization is a means to highlight the uniqueness of our agricultural products through a business model that ultimately serves solutions for consumers, farmers, and the environment. 

Our Process​

At Hijo Superfoods, we take great care in our end-to-end process – from sourcing to manufacturing to ensure we deliver the highest quality products.  

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