Flavor Forward: Riding the Health Wave with Hijo Superfoods

According to a World Health Organization report released in 2015, more than 1 out of 5
individuals will be aged 60 or older by 2050. Advances in medicine and treatment paved the way for longer lifespans. Even in the poorest countries, individuals, healthy or not, are living longer lives. Interestingly, in the period of 2011 to 2015 there was a surge in the number of food and beverages launched that were touted either as superfruits’, ‘superfoods’ and ‘supergrain’. Coincidentally, within the same period, mobile devices with bigger screens were starting to become a thing. Shopping and browsing online for products and accessing information became much easier and more appreciated with apps. Such developments might have influenced consumers to have better discernment on their decisions—that includes acquiring healthy habits.

Recently, more and more individuals across different age groups and generations are
gravitating towards adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Though not all are created equal, the majority consider health and wellness an integral part of living longer and better lives. There’s no denying that their numbers are on the rise. Several drivers can be attributed to this. The popularity of plant-based eating, desire for functional food, incorporating of functional food ingredients by manufacturers and immense influencer culture are just some of them.

Riding on the health and wellness wave brought about by advancement in medicine and growing interest in healthy food or more commonly—superfood products, is a great opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle or to improve one’s health. With the fast-paced modern life now, food and ingredients must also be able to measure up by offering more than just basic nutrition. Anyone can start with the contents of one’s cupboard. Ingredients such as flour and sweetener can be a big part of daily food. It’s essential to choose which ones provide a great deal in nutrient content. Hijo Superfoods Banana Flour and Coco Sugar are nutritious, all-natural and sustainable daily ingredients that can form part of your daily diet. They are worthy or may even
be better replacements to your usual go-to choices. Rich in potassium and other nutrients, the banana flour is low in GI, gluten-free and high in resistant starch content. All this good stuff plus it’s a 1:1 alternative to most flours and is affordable make it worth trying for first timers. Organically sourced, all-natural and low in GI, our coco sugar is a flavorful less-guilt sweetener that you can enjoy in your cooking, baking and in your everyday food and beverages.

If everyone would be willing to choose food wisely and to maintain a balanced lifestyle, we can minimally rely on medicines and quite possibly live longer, heathy and fulfilling lives.