Coco Sugar


Straight from nature and extracted from the highest quality coconut sap from trees in the Philippines. Every pouch is made pure with 100% coconut sap and no additional ingredients. Its rich, earthy, nutty, and caramel taste is perfect for every sweet craving on your food, desserts, and even beverages. High in nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium, zinc and low in glycemic index versus regular sugar, Hijo Superfoods Coco Sugar is a healthy sweetener that is natural, delicious, and guilt-free.


100% pure coconut sap from the Philippines


100% pure coconut sap from the Philippines

Serving Size

1 tsp. (3g)




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Baking & Desserts

Smoothies & Juices



Condiments & Sauces

Available in 250g & 1kg pouches and 20kg bags

Why Make Life A Little Sweeter?

Our coco sugar is made from pure sap that is freshly sourced from the coconut tree’s inflourescence (cluster of flowers including its stem). The sap undergoes pre-boiling before it is cooked and turned into sugar.
Coco sugar can be used in a wide array of applications in cooking and baking and a substitute to cane sugar for beverages and food.
Coco sugar is low in the glycemic index, has nutrients, safe for the gut, organic and 100% pure and natural.
Our coco sugar is low in the glycemic index and is slow to raise blood sugar levels. But it has the same caloric content as cane sugar. It’s ideal to consult your doctor first before modifying your diet.
During the coco sugar’s shelf life, clumping may form inside the packaging. This is a normal occurrence and will not affect its quality, taste and nutrient content.
In general, coco sugar requires less water to produce than the cane sugar, as it takes 9 gallons to produce a teaspoon of the latter.
No. Sap harvesting does not do anything to the tree. It will still bear inflourescence after a period of 1 to 2 years as it normally does.
In the Philippines, it is available at One World Deli and Heyday in NCR, at selected Robinsons Supermarkets in Luzon and in Visayas and at NCCC and other major supermarket chains in Mindanao. It is also available overseas! Feel free to leave a question in the inquiry box to know more.

The Sustainable Sweetness of Coco Sugar

Coco sugar is one of the most sustainable natural sweetener choices. Growing coconut trees requires far less water than typical sugar crops. Harvesting the sap does no harm to the trees or the environment. In fact, most coconut farmers were not even utilizing the sap before coco sugar production came along.

Unlike water-intensive sugarcane crops, coconut trees are effective with the minimal rainfall of tropical climates. And the nutrients in coco sugar offer bonuses for your health, it has low glycemic index, is rich in vitamins and minerals. And provides a delicious caramel-like flavor. Discover the tasty virtues of this wonder sweetener.

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